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Community tested distro

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ConVirt and Linux Configurations

This page contains an up to date list of community tested ConVirt configurations for Managed Servers. These compliment the Convirture Certified Configurations. \ Note : All managed server configuration manageable via previous version of ConVirt are also manageable via ConVirt 2.0.

Community Tested Managed Server Configurations
Distribution Platform ConVirt Version User Name Comments/Details
Fedora 8 KVM-70 1.0 Jd ConVirt Development Platform
Fedora 7 KVM-70 1.0 Jd ConVirt Development Platform
SLES KVM-7x 0.9.5 - details
Gentoo KVM 0.9.5 - details
Ubuntu 7.10 Xen 0.8.2 - details
Ubuntu 8.04 Xen 0.8.2 - details
Debian etch Xen 3.1 0.8.2- details
OpenSuse 10.3 Xen 0.9.1- details
OpenSuse 11 Xen 0.9.1 - details
OVM 2.2.1 Xen 2.0 TT

Community Tested CMS Configurations
Distribution ConVirt Version User Name Comments/Details
Fedora 7 2.0 Jd ConVirt Development Platform
Debian Lenny 2.0 Beta- [details]
OVM 2.2.1 2.0 TT
Debian 6.0 2.0 alxgomz [details]

Note to the Community: If you are using a configuration not listed here, please update this table. You'll be helping your fellow community members in a big way!

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