Solutions: QA & Test Labs

While ConVirt was originally conceived to address the needs of data centers, since it provides sophisticated template-based provisioning, it is also being adopted by QA and test labs for basic lab automation. Whether creating commercial products or in-house applications, if you run a QA or test lab, you are under pressure to adequately test products to ensure quality and at the same time meet fast time-to-market requirements. And you have to do all this while also controlling or reducing the cost of the testing infrastructure. If you have a QA or test lab built on open source virtualization, ConVirt lets you get started with lab automation.

Quickly build and maintain test environments

Critical test time can be lost to provisioning, deploying, and tearing down test environments. If you use Xen or KVM for virtualized test environments, you know it can take hours to provision each new virtual machine – precious hours taken away from testing. ConVirt cuts the time needed to set up and tear down virtualized test environments that use Xen and KVM. With ConVirt you get a sophisticated image store that lets you templatize your entire test environment and provision and de-provision it at will.

With ConVirt you can enjoy the cost savings of open source virtualization and at the same time provision each new test environment in minutes instead of hours. With ConVirt you spend time managing the test process rather than creating test components.

Save costs while improving time-to-market and product quality

ConVirt itself is an open source package and is free to download and use. With open source virtualization and ConVirt, you can build out an entire virtualized test and QA lab infrastructure, all for free. You get significant cost savings from reduced resources needed to set up, manage, and tear down the testing infrastructure. And if you are using open source virtualization, ConVirt gives you more time for testing, which means higher product quality and faster time to market.

A QA lab manager at a security software provider noted:
“We have a small pool of resources that we need to continuously repurpose for testing multiple applications on a variety of platforms. The price point for most lab automation tools has been out of reach for us, and we’d have to pay for features we don’t need. By using ConVirt’s template-based provisioning, we now repurpose our servers in minutes instead of days. ConVirt gives us the key lab automation features we need, at the right price point – free!”

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